Oh, Pioneers! Or, Only in Utah

One thing that would be inconceivable would be to visit Utah without spending some time with Steve’s sister. However, Utah is a big state, and we were at the south end of it while she lives closer to the north end, so we met in the middle in a town called Cedar City.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_34d3

The big attraction in Cedar City is the Frontier Homestead Museum. We went there as a family group. The thing that impressed me was the condition of the farm implements and structures from pioneer days.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_18f7UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_34e6

It makes a person realize how very recently Europeans arrived out west, in covered wagons like this one.


They also had a sheep barn and a reproduction of an Indian pit dwelling.


And someone had proved that almost anything can be a medium for art.

We had an “only in Utah” moment at the restaurant where we stopped for lunch afterwards. The waitress mentioned what neighbourhood she lived in, and Steve’s sister asked her if she know someone else who lived there. (Although we were 150 miles from her house, Utah is sparsely populated, so they were practically neighbors.) They compared notes a little more and the waitress admitted she’d been brought up in a breakaway-Mormon splinter group of polygamists. “That’s okay,” said Steve’s sister. “I used to be a polygamist too.” Only in Utah, ha ha!


Too soon, it was time to leave, but not without lots of hugs and sniffles!